Bloggers Weekend

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Hey guys! hope you all had an amazing weekend opening the christmas spirit into your lives!? This weekend i spent the FIRST of December with my beautiful best friends Nada adelle and Paige Paris! Who I’m lucky to have in my life as we are all bloggers.

The day consisted of hitting the christmas markets in manchester WHICH are amazing! if you have never attend i suggest you get down to them. We spent a lot of time having coffee and talking about blogging and having fun whilst having fries over a candle lit dinner! Possibly the cutest 3 way date of my life. It was a start to the end of beautiful year and made me realise who friends actually are, and why they are here. *getting deep* after hitting the fancy dress stores and american candy shops it was time for me to head back home to see my family!

If you haven’t already here are the links to these beautiful peoples blogs …Twitter @nadaadellex … twitter @PaigeParisx

Twitter: Itsraimz

p.s will you guys let me know if the images have gone blurry ?



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