How to disguise a stomach!

This time of year is always a time where we go to parties, eat too much, and suddenly realise all those glasses of wine and canapes have led to an unsightly belly! Now here are some tricks I have to stop you worrying about your little tummy until January, and party on!

Emphasise your good parts! If you have nice shoulders, hair or legs, show ‘em off & play ‘em up.


Just because you aren’t loving your tummy right now, show off your legs! A baggy jumper is a GREAT way to cover a tum, especially as this time of year you need one to keep you warm anyway!

Don’t wear low-riding jeans! They are not flattering on most people and look even worse if you have a belly. You will be a victim of the dreaded ‘muffin top’

Unless your stomach looks like this don’t wear low riders! Honestly, they just do NOTHING for anyone. You can be someone who is slim but wear these? they can make you look ten times bigger! TRUST!

Avoid anything skin-tight, shiny (attracts attention) or clingy around the stomach area.


I just do not get why girls who are trying to cover their bad tummies, and guys actually, INSIST on wearing tight tops that SHOW OFF their tums! Honestly, if you had a terrible spot on your face would you direct all attention to it? NO! So until that tummy is in tip top shape – no more tight tanks!

162481499026489084_CUdMEjmP_cEmpire dresses are the BEST dresses for hiding a tum, honestly they accentuate everything you want to, and hide everything you don’t want to make main focus. Invest for the party season!

The simple fact of it is that if you wear clothing that is slightly too big for you, you will look as if you’ve lost weight. If your clothing is a bit small, you are going to look like you’ve gained. Keep this in mind!

Anyway, the number one super-spy weapon in belly disguise is a pair of what are known as ‘fat pants’ you can get them anywhere, but honestly spend the cash get some Spanx.

Eat lots of vegetables, do hundreds of crunches, don your magic knickers and rock it!





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