Fashion Friday – Rocking a Cardigan!

Cardigans are not just for men any more (clearly!) but there is still a bunch of ways to make the most out of them!

Lets go!


I love this worked down look, keeping the sparkle using the skirt but the cardigan (very simple) breaks the outfit down for a daily wear. You could of course always have a dressier top in your bag (although a plain black or grey tee) would look great with that skirt. Love this, a great party season look to take you from day – night.


Adding a belt around a cardigan is a great way to dress it up, it also clinches the waist making it look smaller – which is great around this time of year


Not really wanting to wear a big coat? but want to stay warm? A big chunky knit cardigan is where it is at! Add a big scarf and you are good to go!


So if you are lucky and are living in a country that isn’t freezing like the UK! and can get away with shorts (jealous!) then adding a cardigan as an extra layer makes the outfit look super stylist in my eyes!


LOVE this rolled up look, turning up the ends of a cardigan can make it in to a totally different top!

How are you wearing your cardigans?

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