GIRLS! Work it like Marie Antoinette


I recently saw Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and really enjoyed it. (WATCH IT!) Normally I loathe period films, and Kirsten Dunst doesn’t do much for me much either, but this was a complete visual thrill. The clothing was as amazing as the colour-scheme and the cakes were incredible. Anyway, I really liked the styling, so thought I would give you a quick guide on how to doll yourself up like Marie Antoinette.

I have always said she would be my dress up choice is I were female, alas I am not. So girls I expect you to try this out!



White puffy hair can happen. But if your hair is naturally, practically black (which a lot of girls have) But I have got a friend who has had white hair for at least two years. (When I say white, like WHITE) It just requires devotion, money, and a resignation to the knowledge that your hair will, at some point, break. Her hair requires two separate lots of bleach and a fair amount of toner to get that white. I would suggest you stump up the money and get it done at a salon.. I think the money you pay is totally worth it, I really love the way it looks. The other thing is, it was so damaged that she could do anything she wanted with it. Usually she would back-comb it ad use some talcum powder.


However, if you would rather do the look on a temporary basis, these are the — big, white, and ridiculous Marie Antoinette wigs. I personally am keen on the “Marie Antoinette Wig w/ Pearls” & the “Madame de Pompadour”. I love big hair on girls It’s one of my favourite things!

Remember that Marie Antoinette liked things in her hair. Feathers, butterflies a a crystal flower or a pearl head comb would be perfect. A tiara, feathers, or a daisy-chain would be a nice touch too.



Use a pale foundation as a base, to smooth out your face. Use a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, like MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush in a light pink well which is a shade of pure candy pink. Then use a pale powder to set your face — MAC Cosmetics Iridescent Powder in “Delicacy” is described as pink sweetened with silver icing & sounds incredible.

Decorate the eyes with jewels along your top lid, dot singles ones around the corners of your eyes, & wear a lovely fluttery pair of false lashes to finish.

If you can find a packet of stick-on beauty spots (I couldn’t find any online, what is the world coming to?) I suggest you invest in those. If not, just draw one on. A dot is relatively easy, heart is a bit trickier, but in this case, a steady hand coupled with liquid eyeliner & a good brush are your best friends.

For the lips, go for a stain rather than a solid colour. You want to look flushed rather than gaudy.



Marie Antoinette introduced the concept of regular bathing to the cheese-scented peasants of pre-revolutionary France, and was also well-known for the beautiful scents which surrounded her. Her favourite smells were tuberose, violet, & lavender. To replicate this, try anything that carries these tones.

If you haven’t seen the film? Hop to it!

It might not be the storyline of  the century but it is all about the visuals, the fashion! hundreds of years it might have been, but take, be inspired!






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