Eye (Brow) See You



As you know, I am not the greatest trend follower, but I am delighted to report that the strong eyebrow is “in”! I have always been a fan of this look (as my own eyebrows will testify) and I’m very happy that I will be seeing more of it on the street. If eyes are the window to the soul, your eyebrows are the window-frame, and when done well, can completely alter your bone structure. This is NOT gender specific — EVERYONE should keep their eyebrows tidy.


It’s not necessary for all men to shape their brows, but there are some things that should go. A monobrow, for example — nobody in the course of history has managed to pull this off successfully, and I’m sorry to say that you aren’t any different. Wax it! Another thing that can be helpful for men with slightly unruly brows is a little bit of eyebrow gel. I know, it sounds silly, but it will stop them being blown around or looking like part of a crop circle if the wind catches them the wrong way.


Of course, just because “big” is in, it’s not as easy as throwing caution to the wind & letting your malnutritioned ‘brows grow out in a feral manner — and if you’ve never touched yours, that doesn’t mean you can just leave them as is.


For people new to the world of eyebrow grooming, I suggest visiting a beautician. Even if you’re a man! Don’t be embarrassed, other men are doing this all the time. Beauticians know what they’re doing, even if you think they don’t. Once you’ve had your eyebrows waxed once and you like the shape, you can then just tweeze the errant hairs that grow back — very little fuss!

The best eyebrows have a nice arch in the middle — straight eyebrows are a little dull & don’t frame the eye as well.

Things to remember:




Stick to your natural brow line, which is where the bone arches above your eye. If you go too high above this, you will look permanently surprised, which isn’t such a good look.


You should avoid drawing on your eyebrows unless they are so fine & thin that they basically disappear. There is no way they can compete with beautifully-shaped, natural brows.


Make sure the start & end of your eyebrow lay along the same horizontal line on your face. Otherwise your eyebrow will look kind of off-balance & wonky.


Pull the hair in the same direction it grows, this will make it less painful. Another way to reduce the pain factor is to tweeze after you get out of the shower.


If you’re trying to grow out thin eyebrows, buy eyebrow shadow a couple of shades lighter than your colour, and fill in what you lack. need to be filled in!) I also recommend trying a little loose glitter across your eyebrows for a night out!

Stay Browlicious!


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