Bring in a little Goth to your look, without going all Slipknot


The main reason a lot of people wear black is that it’s very easy. Black
goes with black. It hides stains. Coordination of an outfit is a snap &
it suits just about everyone. There is a big culture of ‘goth’ out
there, and it can look really good – but in small doses! Otherwise to be
honest you just look a bit of a twat.


Become familiar with the Gothic wardrobe, watch movies, check the
internet and check out what style best fit your character. Concentrate
on the wardrobe, not the characters and/or individuals. After you have
done this pick ONE item from your favourite style (not the whole
ensemble) It really doesn’t look good. (trust) For example wear a pair
of killer Gothic heels like above. Says it all without saying TOO much.


Stick to dark colour clothes such as black, Gray, navy blue, and/or dark
green but do not be afraid to add a pop of colour to an ensemble,show us
your personality sistsa!


Your hair can remain the same, or it could be jet black? Personally if I
was going to go a bit wild wit hair colour I would go ombre or lilac or
something similar.


Girls please only wear dark lipstick, not black lipstick and add black
eyeliner, but not too much (less is more do your eyes dark, dark or
concentrate on your lips) Men you do not need to add anything on your
face. Remember not too extreme. HOWEVER even a member of One Direction
was seen wearing guy liner recently (but that might be enough to put all
of you off!)


Finally! KEEP IT SUBTLE!  You don’t want to look like that scary person
people avoid walking past in the street (unless that is your thing) You
WANT to look alluring and mysterious! Take my advice and you will!

Love and Dark Music,


Twitter: @itsraimz


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