Fashion Friday!


Ahh you guys so it is late, LIFE! But everything is on schedule now!!

First things first lets talk about how the weather seems to have
suddenly decided to plummet us into the depths of Winter. Now being a
young guy myself, who enjoys a night out I know how frustrating it is
having to carry a massive coat out and about with you. This is where the
blazer comes in. I have to say dressed with the wrong outfit? any blazer
makes you look like a grade A tool. Personally (as long as you can get
into the bars and clubs you want to) I think a blazer, pair of jeans, t
shirt and pair of trainers (converse or vans ideally, or even toms) is a
smart look that doesn’t make you look like A. A twat, or B. A try hard.


I personally really like this blazer from Topman. It is a Brown donegal
fleck skinny fit blazer, with a contrast velvet burgundy back neck
detail, and a single breasted, 2 button fastening detailing. It could
however also be dressed up for work, so really is a win, win and not bad
for £85. Just don’t add a silk scarf, because lets face it you’re not
off  to the polo.

Girls, when it comes to looking sexy I don’t know why many need to be
told again and again that less is not more! OK so we don’t mean wear an
all body suit (well, unless you’re catwoman…OK off topic!) but KEEP IT
CLASSY. I personally feel that a girl needs a LBD (little black dress)
in her wardrobe. They do tend to  be timeless, they can be worn to
countless events, and there is something about a LBD that screams CLASS.


I personally love this one from All Saints. OK at £165 it is quite
pricey, but it is TIMELESS, it could be worn with so many different
styles, and would hold the test of time. An obvious Grecian influence
combined with a modernity design shines through in this Kaya Dress.
Constructed with a fitted bodice panel, with a sublime jersey draped
around the body form; this dress is fluid, flattering and feminine in
silhouette. It is a super flattering style, and also All Saints do stand
the test of quality. If you buy one dress this party season girls, I
advise this one.

I think every guy needs a fisherman jumper this winter. Yes you might
live in the city and the nearest to the sea you go is the sewage
infested water in the river, but alas you can dream! They will not only
keep you warm (the ladies, and I assume gents) also love a man with a
rugged feel and what’s more rugged than a fisherman?! They will also
take you through to spring so really are a great buy. You could be silly
(or if you have oodles of cash just have the money) and spend a lot of
money on one, personally I go for the former. This blue fisherman jumper
is only £25 and for that price is pretty darn stylish.


Personally at this price I think it is going to sell out pretty quick so
I would snap one up in your size whilst you still can. It’s from

I think a girls purse (wallet for you Yanks out there!) says a lot about
her. Maybe it is just me, but if she pulls a fiver out of a wallet/purse
that looks like it came from a school trip in 1995 I am immediately put


This purse to me is classy, reasonably priced, ( £18 from Warehouse) and
understated. I don’t want to see a bling bling glitter purse, as much as
I don’t want to see your school trip museum wallet. Big enough to carry
what you need, small enough to fit in a clutch. (See ladies I do think
about these things!)

Normally I wouldn’t post more than one blazer/jacket but you guys know
my love of colour.


Boy does this jacket bring colour. If you think A. You have the balls,
and B. The right colour skin tone (seriously some skin tones are just
going to look like a gone wrong blue m&m in this jacket.) If you think
you can pull it off? Get online or down at your local H&M store and buy
it! It’s only £49.99, has two buttons at the front, decorative buttons
on the sleeves, a vent at the back, a breast pocket, two front pockets
with a flap, and three inner pockets. Is also Lined.

WARNING: Only wear this jacket if you have the confidence to pull it
off? Would you see Lady Gaga dressed as Kermit the frog with her head
down low, hiding from press? No, the same applies to this jacket.

Where you can I think it is really important to support local and small
designers, each Fashion Friday I will always post at least one male and
one female item from indie designers. Scarves are a staple of winter,
but also the rest of the year now. This scarf is perfect for nights you
want to keep a little warmer, but not be wearing a large knit scarf.


This scarf is the perfect addition to any wardrobe – wear it out, wear
it to work, snuggle up in it on the sofa. It’s light enough for the
Spring and Autumn, yet will keep your neck toasty warm in the winter.
Also in the summer, wear it as a sarong at the beach – we dare you. It
is also made from the softest, stretchiest fabric and is sewn at the end
to make a circle so it can be worn in many ways – so go ahead get a
little crazy with it. This home screen printed scarf is just under £21
and is available from littleminnowdesigns on etsy– just pop the
shop name in the search bar and voilà! (They also have lots of other
colours to chose from!)

Pencil skirts are sexy, they are, there is something about a girl in a
pencil skirt that just says ‘I am sexy, and I know it’ (team it with
glasses and oh me, oh my I am done for) Back to the point! This skirt
from River Island is just £25 – pretty good going!


The florals make it pop and florals will carry you into Spring (they are
going to be big AGAIN) I think what I love most about this skirt is you
could so easily dress it up or down. You could put on a pair on converse
or flats, leather jacket and black tee, and rock out. Or you could dress
it right up with a fitted top and high heels. I would say girls,

If you ask me, guys, you need a back pack in your life. How did we live
without this genius invention? (no, I am not talking about the Adidas
one you had in school, it was, and still is not cool) However THIS


This backpack is cool. Yes it might be a little pricey (around the £125)
mark, BUT it is a Custom made back pack- super sturdy, made to last with
triple-reinforced panels and top stitched seams- will haul a heavy load.
Perfect for hiking with two side pockets large enough for water bottles
or a thermos. (You know to be manly with your fisherman jumper!)
over-sized for maximum storage when full, side snaps are used to
minimize excess bulk when carrying a lighter load. Front flap doubles as
a huge zipper entry pocket-full length of the open bag. High quality
nickle plated brass hardware. Lined with soft but sturdy gaberdine
fabric. So here it is fellas, your very own custom backpack, if you’re
going to get one? don’t go down the Topman route, splash out and get a
proper one! This one is again from etsy, just pop threadbeat into the
etsy shop search and it will come right up.

My final item on the hot list this week is this gilet by Urban
Outfitters. Yes, it is £95 but A. It’s Urban Outfitters, and B. It’s
pretty damn smoking (just don’t smoke near it, as it probably really
could be)


Once again this will see you through winter, spring and knowing the
British Summer probably that as well. The ombre look gives it that extra
edge, and  the black and charcoal colours will go with pretty much
anything. I have a feeling this is going to be another sell out.

Next week I will be searching for the best in Christmas Jumpers (as we
head into December I will be very disappointed if you all don’t have
one, and it better be a goodie!)

Speak soon fashionistas,


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