Do first impressions count?

When it comes to first impressions they count the most not just the way you come across as a person but your presentation too. You always want to portray yourself in the best possible light. But in todays society no matter what you are always going to be judged straight away. So here are a few tips to help you with first impressions Guys

Some people completely dig the ‘bed head” look but this for certain isn’t the best look to strive for when making a first impression, as to be honest, you will come across as a homeless person. When making the first impression ensuring that your hygiene is up to normality e.g ensure your hair isn’t over grown as you will look like a caveman, down to the basics of smelling nice, because nobody wants to associate with a walking pickle.

Depending on what the occasion is for, for example someone big birthday bash down to a social drink with a new person the best bet for you guys is to stick with the basics. Wear something that represents you and the way you want to be seen. For example, Personally i would wear a plain pair of jeans with a white t-shirt covered with my leather jacket. Keeping things simple is the best way to succeed



One thought on “Do first impressions count?

  1. I agree, first impressions do matter. It’s about your personal brand and we all should manage our brand carefully. A great first impression creates a positive (or negative) image in the minds of the new people we meet. That image takes a moment to create but is hard to erase.

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