Guys : ”What not to wear on a first Date”

Just a quick dating post to ensure you don’t get laughed at on your first date.

When it comes to fashion I am all about individuality and embracing your own style, but when it comes to your first date you need to choose wisely what to wear and what not to wear to bag another date.

1. CROCS – I no it might sound stupid for me to even mention this but i was in Nando’s the other week and seen a man wearing his best CROCS! not sure if these two people was on a date or not but wearing crocs is social suicide as well as fashion suicide. Girls usually look you up and down when you first meet and your feet are most likely going to be the first place she looks. So unless this girl is the ultimate cheese ball SHE will delete your number there and then at the table and never call back

2. Joke T-shirts – Even though you might be the king of banter which might of attracted your date, JOKE t-shirts are a major no go on date, number one because its CHEESY and number two it just looks cheap, and its embarrassing seeing people looking at your t-shirt which reads something explicit or ”funny”

3. Formal Suit – Unless your 007 over dressing is a key mistake for a guy to make on a first date. Wearing a formal suit just makes your look too keen and looks like your too rich. Which some people out there like, But others…. erm yeah doesn’t look so good.

4.Joggers – If you are a major chav and looking to go on a date with shaniqua from around the block to your local chippy, JOGGERS are the main first date no go. As it implies you just chucked on what ever and not making and effort for your date, which doesn’t make them feel good resulting in no sex.

5. Cheap Aftershave – Last but not least, Cheap aftershave. You might be the perfect man for your date, dressed perfect, handsome and kind. But if they take one smell of your aftershave and it has that stale linger then your date isn’t going to want to be around you. There is nothing worse then smelling like a whores handbag. Keep it basic don’t over do it and do not use tesco’s own aftershave.

Happy dating.


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