Winter skin


So it’s that time of the year where the cold weather starts to take toll on your skin, so depending on the products you use, your skin could be in for a nasty turn out this winter.

Today i went shopping for some new facial products and literally there is nothing out there these days. I actually struggled so i decided to head to boots. With my skin i never usually get spots or big break outs so i decided to get a black head cleansing scrub which will prevent my pores from getting clogged and my skin looking fresh. Iv never used this product before but ill let you guys know how it goes.

In my last skin care blog i stated that i did not use facial cleanser as i felt that it left my skin feeling raw and delicate but i found one which my skin actually takes a liking too. This i can use everyday and my skin feel perfect and not leaving my skin feel sensitive.

Just to finish it all off i purchased some moisturiser which is VERY essential with this cold weather, which might sound stupid but i find that the coldness makes my skin feel a lot tighter and weird, so with this oil free moisturiser it shouldn’t leave my skin looking oily which will benefit me well.

Cheap and affordable all from boots

Moisturiser & Cleanser- 2 for £5

Facial Scrub £4.99


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