Undecided Winter

In summer all i wanted was winter to arrive, and now that its upon us and the cold dark nights are rolling in i’m starting to change my mind.

Digging through my closet i found some of my loved winter clothing so thought id share some little shots of them. Obviously because its cold layering is essential and i haven’t done much of a great job at this today apart from chucking a t-shirt underneath my knit which was to stop it irritating my nipples to be 100% honest. I was going to share a full body shot but really didn’t like the pants that i had on so have just decided to share these shots haha

Jacket : Topman -£35

Knitted Jumper: RiverIsland -£30

Tomorrow’s post will be another post on ‘What you say” so get sending me your favourite looks to be put on my blog! So the other readers can see what your styles are. Send them to itsraimz@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Undecided Winter

  1. Wow! Amazing post! I’ve been thinking the same lately and even though I live in Florida, it gets really cold most of the time in january so I gotta find some clothes soon. Maybe I look online at Asos.

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