Winter outfit ‘For Her’


Hey guys iv received a few emails from you fashionista’s about what would i like to see a girl/women in so iv decided to post the perfect look for this season.

As its winter its only fair to cover up the body but still keeping it appealing to those who you desire ;). So by keeping it classy and layering you are making not just a fashion statement but keeping yourself warm.

Turtle necks are coming back into fashion quicker then ever this year, dont ask me why but i just think they look amazing on girls. With a big fur jacket you can not go wrong! Every girl is craving for one of these in her wardrobe this winter, and if your not.. then GIRL YOU CRAY.

Basic Jeans are uplifted by the rock and roll boots which not only give you height… for you short ladies, but also make you look fierce. By adding leather gloves to your outfit make your look elegant and are a lot better at keeping your hands warm in the long run.

You could possibly make this look a lot cheaper but i LOVE using the h&m dress up so only can use products from there site.

Boots- £29.99

Leather Gloves- £14.99

Skinny High Jeans- £24.99

Polo Neck Sweater- £24.99

Jacket- £69.99


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