Dressing for Fall

 With winter fastly approaching here in the uk we are limited with the days we can go out and take some lovely images. Unlike you guys abroad with the sun and clear weather we are cursed with the wind and the rain.

I woke up this morning & looked out the window and noticed it was dull day so decided to dress myself in layers. Because like the old folks say, Once your out, you can take them off but you can’t always put them on. lalala.

This look kept me surprisingly warm all day apart from my hands which i should of definitely wore gloves and maybe some wellies as my feet got a tad wet and soggy O_o

Check Shirt : RiverIsland£25

Knitted short Sleeve Jumper: Topman £50

Chunky Knitwear Cardigan: Topman£65

Plain Jeans : H&M£19.99

Suede Shoes: Topman£35

Images taken by Jessica Pendlebury 



3 thoughts on “Dressing for Fall

  1. Charming post. Your modeling is amazing, I’m happy I encountered your blogs! I love your suede shoes as well. Have you ever thought about modeling ralph lauren polo clothes? I think you would be able to wear it well. Also what size and where do you get your jeans, I’ve been trying to find skinny jeans in my size but sadly there are none that really suit my style.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I also love the suede shoes even though they are the biggest pain ever to keep clean!
      Iv never really thought about modelling ralph lauren polo’s but i have some hidden in my wardrobe so i might do a post on them some time soon 🙂
      Im very slim so my waist is 30” with a 34 Leg so i either get my jeans online but my favourite store at the moment is H&M ! you should check the site out 😀

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