what ‘NOT’ to say on a first date!

First dates are probably one of the most stressful situation for teenagers these days, as first  impressions count! You don’t want to talk to much about yourself as you will look vain but you also don’t want to scare them and have your date fleeing for the nearest cab. Basically, the goals of a successful first date are to reveal that adorable, endearing part of yourself, learn more about the stranger sitting across from you, and to see if there is any connection between you two crazy kids.

Here’s a few things for you guys NOT to say to ensure you date goes perfect.

1. “My ex is crazy.” Personally if your speaking about your ex on your first date then it kind of shows that your conversation is dead. You are trying to create a new leaf and forget about the past.  If someone even mentions their ex on a first date, watch out, you could be entering into a three-way relationship. Brace yourself: drama ahead! Anyway, if you’re not over your ex, keep it to yourself. Your date certainly doesn’t want to hear about it.

2. Can you pay the bill? I’m broke.” Chances are, if your date has good manners, they’ll offer to split it or pay the bill. But NEVER, i repeat NEVER ask them to pay for you as this is an instant turn off as they will automatically assume you will depend on there money throughout the relationship.

3. “So ya wanna come back to my place?” Asking someone to come back to your place for coffee after your first date instantly means you are ‘DTF’ (down to F*ck) which depending on what kind of image you are trying to give off usually doesn’t look good in the long run. Personally i think it looks trashy, and if you want to go on another date, get using the 3 date rule! Waiting works out better for you both.

Hope your first dates are not as cringe as the films!


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