Teen Skin Care

Recently iv received a lot of emails from you guys about how to keep your skin under control and maintain the fresh glowing look. Before we go any further id just like to say that im possibly the worst person to give skin advice to as i never really get bad skin, which i guess is a blessing. BUT i still have a regime to keep my face looking its best, so thought id share it with you.

1. When you wake up no matter how tired you are ensure that you wash your face, which to some you probably thinks natural but, i have heard that some people don’t have time’ washing in the morning ensures that you remove all the sweat and oils which has built up whilst you’ve been sleeping. My favourite face wash is Lab Series Multi- Action Face Wash it costs £18.00 but you definitely get what you pay for.2. After washing my face with warm water, i pat my face dry with a soft cloth/ towel to make sure that im taking any access oil or dirt out of my pores before they close. You can use any cheap face wash in my opinion to get the same effects but never use just soap, something to do with the chemicals isn’t good for your pores.

3. Once my face is completely dry, i then apply a even layer of my favourite moisturisers which is Olay Beauty fluid. I actually stole this of my mum to start with but after realising how good it made my skin feel/ Look i decided to use it more and more. You can pick this up from any beauty department for less then £10.

Then then at night the same routine. But once i week i tend to exfoliate to remove all dead cells from my face. Some people do this more then once a week but personally it makes my skins feel tender and raw. But like they all say, a lot of water will help you skin as well as your diet. God knows how my skin is decent as all i do is drink, party and eat junk food.

Hope this helped. Any questions email me at itsraimi@gmail.com


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