Knitted Cardigan: Topman £50

Jeans : H&M £19.99

Shoes: Topman £35

Bag : Diesel Free when aftershave purchased

This week i decided to take a trip down to london with my friend scott to see Liz. The 3 model musketters !! Together we are the definition of CRAZY. Just thought id share a quick look from one of my days running around london like a headless chicken.

As its winter it was only essential to wrap up! Because the days are getting colder and colder. As TODAY is the last day of summer! But down in london i found its a lot warmer then it is up north so extra wrapping up want need. So i decided to keep my look simple and basic with my free man bag which i got with my aftershave which i was happy about.

Not sure if i should do a blog about the antic which happened down in london, which consists of partying and taking lame photo with my 2 best friends haha!


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