Happy Sunday

By now if you follow my blog you may have noticed i have a slight addiction to london fashion, And how amazing and different it is to how it is up here in bolton. Just thought id share a little post on this lovely hungover sunday night!

This year all i wanted was denim jacket! But since i was jobless and had only a minimum amount of income i needed to budget myself from buying clothes, but spent it all on partying. This look represents how i feel today! which is a mix of emotions, confused, excited and hungover. I love the floral shirt! it can make you stand out anywhere with its exciting to look at pattern, with the green shorts! I was most definitely not one to get lost in the crowd.

Sorry that this post is short and plain just I’m in the process of packing for a few days down in LONDON with my favourite people. Which will be jammed and packed with exciting things which i can not wait to share with you guys

Denim jacket: Topman £40

Floral Shirt: Topman £35

Shorts: Topman £20


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