A few months ago i got the pleasure to shoot with an amazing photographer @Ccmphotography and an amazing team. Today i was going through all the sales again! and couldn’t find any shirts that i actually liked, so when i arrived home i remembered that last time i was in london i shot for an amazing Menswear Street Brand called  MARK THOMAS TAYLOR. I genuinely cannot describe how much i love his clothes! They made me, a little bolton boy, feel like a real brick lane london boy.

The shirt i completely fell in love with it as it isn’t something that you would see everyday and the texture of the shirt was simply amazing. As it is made from 100% thai cotton you a guaranteed for it to be soft, which whilst shooting in made me feel comfortable.

Whilst in I’m in london next week i shall be down brick lane purchasing some amazing garments so keep an eye out as il do another blog post. Meanwhile check out his website and get buying his clothes

Shirt : Sunrise Shirt

Old Price: £58.00

NOW Price: £23.00

Brass Bracelet : £40


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