Las ventas de verano (Summer Sales)

So its that time year where most retail stores decided its time for a big sale and start to flog all the summer items which a few months ago you would of bought at full price, but now its quarter or even half the price of what you paid.

I can’t really complain as I’m not much of a summer clothes supporter! But this year iv actually started planning for next year to pic up a few items, which means by summer i will be looking as cool as ever….”With last seasons trends”

Even though these are a contrast in colours i feel like they don’t clash which at first i thought it would but when tried on and photographed looked decent. Im mixing classy with trashy, bringing an element of the short shorts in but keeping it real by wearing a salmon colour blazer. It was only fair to bring in some sheekgeek in which happens to be in trend every season by adding the none useful glasses and blue shirt which i admit i love. I tend to have a craze for patterns. As for the sandals, this was just a bit crazy as when in england can you ever wear sandals? But they are just so amazing and can always look good on. Who says fashion needs to be appropriate?

Get down in the sales who knows what you will find!


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