Aztec & Super Skinnies


Just a quick post from one of my favourite looks of this year. As aztec was major this year it was only fair to purchase one from Topman for only £28 which honestly i think is a bargain.  As it is coming to winter i would usually wear a chunky knit over the top but couldn’t find one perfect.

Im not usually a big fan of super skinny jeans as you can tell, my legs look super thin and Long. But in reality i am thin and long so thought it would be about time that i embrace it and i actually love these jeans from Topman too only £30. These shoes i J’adore i have another pair in Grey ! These are Clark Originals and if you look in the right places can get them for as cheap as £20!

As for the bag, erm i haven’t got a clue where this beauty is from! i just decided to shoot with it! i should of really asked the stylist but didn’t have time but I’m guessing you could pick up a cheap one from any charity shop!

What do you think of the overall look! too much flesh for winter i know!! but i needed to post this haha!



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