Mariskeva Shoot

As i have a new blog i thought it’d only be fair for me to share some of my favourite shots from previous shoots. So today iv decided to blog about the shots from a recent shoot with the amazing talent Mariskeva. First of all i would just like to express how amazing she is, Her work is fabulous and she is great to work with check her work out at

This shoot was probably one of the best shoots to date as we had a great team and i felt confident within working with every single member as i met Marianne Paraskeva a few weeks before the actual shoot down in london for coffee to discuss what we will be actually shooting! Which made me feel more at ease on the day of the shoot.

Overall we shot some amazing looks which are sitting comfortably in my portfolio book as we speak! and the first image has been used a lot within my model career such as on all my Z card and my online picture for my old agency. I especially loved shooting the last shots as it was so creative and crazy as i felt like a human paint pallet with loads of different colours just being thrown at me left right and centre! which took me back to my child hood days when i used to paint myself. After this shoot i bathed at a family members house for ages as the shoot lasted a while but i loved every minute of it. As you can see on these shots I’m not a curly tots! which i totally love as it was one of the first times my hair had ever been straight and personally i felt like it transformed me on set and brought out my alter ego! which needs a name! i was thinking Roman?

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