Fashion Video

Just a little Fashion Video from a shoot a while back with the talented photographer  Miro  Arva. The video was taken and edited back when i was signed with strike model management earlier this year. When i watch this video i laugh at myself and realise how much i have changed.

A lot of people will look at this video and judge at how scarily thin and assume that i have an eating disorder, which i think is really shallow. I don’t have a eating disorder, if i do , it’ll probably be for eating to much. I come from a thin family my dad being 1/2 african and my mum just being a skinny minnie, And as a male looks like i have it bad. I am happy the way i am so judgements that i receive from people on a day to day basis does not bother me as  i know i am healthy and eat a lot.

Most of my friends resent how much i can eat and never put it on! but like my Dad it will all catch up to me one day, which I’m very very scared about because i couldn’t imagine a fat me.

The point of this post is to just show that being skinny isn’t always a disorder, people are different and born in many different shapes and sizes. And even though you might not realise calling someone who is thin, Skinny can be Offensive. Its exactly like calling a fat person FAT. its unneeded.

If you have anything to ask concerning my size or my work don’t be afraid to leave a message.


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