Farmer Boy X little Rant

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So the Australian summer is officially over! But being a British boy i can not complain… as the weather over here is still hotter than our English summers! The past few day’s i have been in work mode! Blogging, shooting, collaborations and figuring out my future travel plans .. which to some might sound easy, but trust me it isn’t! Life is SO STRESSFUL when you haven’t got a plan set out. It is enjoyable not knowing what’s next but there is also that fear factor of the unknown.

This week i had no inspiration for outfit choice. UNTIL …my package from FOREVER21 arrived! I know i say this a lot but i am officially in love with FOREVER21… its cheap, cheerful and stylish. In this weeks package i received the most amazing set of dungarees! For anyone who know’s my style you will know i’ve wanted a pair of long ones for ages!!

The outfit came at such a perfect time as the past few day’s i have been doing a lot of research on which farms to spend 3 months on to complete my second year working visa here in Australia. So what better way to get in the mood than to dress up as a farmer boy. Just to point out… i am aware once i head to the farm’s life wont be stylish and i will have to wear rags, but yeah don’t kill my vibe just yet.

Also, a lot of people keep asking me how i find blogging & how i capture my images. The blogging life is so STRESSFUL as you rely on people a lot! If you want great standard images you’ll need someone to shoot you, with the right settings, right location and many other factors. One thing that annoys me is Instagram girls / boys who have Zillions of followers but yet don’t put any effort into there images, shoot on an Iphone and fill instagram full of the same selfies & are classed as famous.  I sound as if i am jealous because they have more Instagram followers… which i can assure you i am not. Instagram girls / boys will not last forever. They are just for the moment & when Instagram dies out they will be left with nothing. Where as for myself, i have found i have a lot more of a following subscribed to my blog ( Thanks to everyone who reads) so if instagram was to ever just vanish i have a back up. (So a little tip for you Instagram famous whores… Maybe you should think about your future. Make a plan, build yourself, brand yourself & you will go a lot further and people will respect you more.)

Wow so yeah, i’ve just had a rant completely of topic. But yeah… in the next few weeks i have some great collaborations & giveaways coming up so keep an eye out!!


Have a fab weekend!

Forever 21

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Forever 21… I say this as if i don’t turn 23 in a few weeks! So many people have been asking me how old i am and i genuinely forget every time.

When i say i couldn’t of choose a better city to relocate to i wasn’t lying. After spending a few days of exploring i have found the perfect blogging location right on my door step. One thing i love about Sydney is that it always seems to look so clean and vibrant which makes my soul feel so damn happy.

This week has been a really hot & humid here in the city so wearing tight jeans and fitted clothing would of been a nightmare… Luckily for me.. my FOREVER 21 parcel arrived which literally saved my life.

The past few years i have never really wore any other jeans apart from super skinny or spray on jeans as i have a phobia of looking back in the future & thinking why the hell would i wear flares!!! (But who knows i might look back and think the exact same thing about skinny jeans!) Anyway, enough of me rambling on!

This week my Forever 21 Package consisted of:

  • Boyfriend Jeans
  • Baggy Tee
  • Sandels
  • Geek Glasses

 Everything that i have on can be found on i would usually tag a link to each item but for some reason it wont let me insert URL from my ipad! Such a pain!!

Hope everyone is a having a fab weekend!! I finally have a day of from my new job so will be hitting the city of Sydney hard tonight!!

Sydney Boy 

  So it’s official… I am a Sydney city boy! 2 weeks ago I landed down under with nothing but my bag pack and my best friend, talk about throwing myself into the unknown. Translating my life from being a island boy to a city boy is such a shock to my system as not everything is easy breezy & beautiful like Asia… But I am completely in love with Sydney!! Something about this place just makes me feel like I am at home, even though my home is on the other side of the world.
Getting back in to reality I thought it would only be fair to do a bit of retail therapy as all of my items of clothing is to provocative or offensive for the Australians! I realised this after thebouncers continuously   shouted at me to button my shirt up and after being rejected from many different bars / clubs for my ripped jeans! Jeeze do they not understand fashion here? 

So this week I came across my new favourite store the “glue store” this is where I found my latest outfit. 

Being in a city which is constantly hot it’s hard to find and outfit which is stylish & my to clammy … So whilst I’m down under my style is changing, to more of a chilled out vibe. Thanks to the Glue Store I managed to put together an outfit of my favourite brands & still feel comfortable in this heat

Denim jacket: cheap Monday $109.95

Striped top: Assembly Label $59.96

Bag: Rains $129.99

Outfit overall :$299.89

Guys do you know any more Australian brands! Currently on the hunt to find some new items! Let me know 

Arrested, delayed & paradise!!


Woah. It’s been over a month since I left the UK on my adventure, words can not describe how crazy it has been!! As soon as I boarded the plane I realised I was in for a journey of ups and downs, tears and laughter but I never realised how hard being a traveller is! 

After all the drama in Bangkok all of my images & blog posts are back logged as my SD card is playing up.

Two days ago I finally arrived in paradise after a whole 72hours of travelling. Me and nay decided to head from the middle of Thailand down to Malaysia & get a flight to Bali which all seemed nice easy and breezy total travelling duration of around 18 hours… On the morning of travelling we woke to one of the biggest storms I have experienced & after a few days of partying and being wild me and Nay found ourself having a big argument which now I’m sat laughing my head off at. When you travel with a best friend no matter how close you are you will find yourself having stupid little arguements and laughing at them a few days later.. Anyway we needed to get a ferry from the island to the main land but with the storm being at its worst you can only imagine what it was like Being at sea 😓! After a dramatic tie we stopped over in only what I can call it ” a crack den” to wait for our sleeper train from Surat Thani to Malaysia which takes 12 hours … After waiting 13 hours it was time to board our train!! So we got on tucked into the worst beds ever and put our heads down for our 12 hour trip down south!! 11 hours later I wake to a man shouting at me Bangkok in 1 hour … At first I thought he was joking as if you are aware Malaysia .. Bangkok complete different directions!!! Well this man was not joking ..long story short an amazing man who could translate saved our ass and we didn’t need to pay… So this left us in Bangkok with a flight to catch in the morning & no way to get there in time… After searching for flights we finally found one which got us to our stop of airport so we could catch our transfer flight… perfect … No I lie…. As we are heading through customs etc we only found ourself being escorted by the police into immagrarion & fined  2000BHT which was a nightmare as we had no Thai money left as we was expecting to be in Malaysia …finally we caught our flight and headed to paradise 

Drama over we finally arrived in Bali & headed to our amazing Villa for a bit of relaxation & get over all the drama which had occurred. We checked into Taman Suci suite & Villas … Words can nott describe how luxurious this place is! After being a bag packed is was going to be In a queen size bed have your own hot tub & be able to step out to an incredible pool !! With it being not very touristy you could grab yourself an amazing 4 course meal for £7 Bali is so cheap!! Accommodation price to stay hear will blow your mind!! £20 for a villa !

After spending a few days here reading swimming and relaxing I am now prepared to see the rest of the island!! If any of you know any hot spots let me know!!

Oh we’re going to Koh Tao



Hey guys! Oh my god… So I’ve had such a nightmare with my camera & accessories over the past week so all of my Bangkok experience will be coming to the blog in the next few days!!! 

After the hustle and bustle of Bangkok & all the dramas (which I will tell you in the next post ) & over a 10 hour journey me and nay headed down to the Islands to meet some of my friends!!! 

Oh my word. As much as I tell you it was beautiful words can not describe how insane it is. Me and Naomi are currently staying in a super deluxe hotel on the other side of the island which is a super bummer as getting to the bars ect costs a bomb!!! 

This morning we woke up super early for breakfast and to watch the sunrise & of course I couldn’t resist taking a few blog images!!! Everything in this weather just looks perfect!!! I am here on this small island for the next few days so will be trying to post as much as possible!!! If not follow my snapchat @itsraimz and Instagram @itsraimi !!!

Hope everyone had the best New Years & Christmas period!! Chow for now whilst I head Down to the sea. 😘

Hello December 

 Wow… Where has this year actually gone? I most likely say this every year, but i really feel like this year has been the fastest year of my life!!! Surely i can’t be the only one to think this?

With the winter cold mornings of December upon us, leaving the house without multiple layers is a total no go!! Not a chance i am catching any man-fly over my favorite festive period!
Catching up with all my Christmas shopping // prepping for my exciting new adventure (Which will be revealed next week) my main chick Nada Adelle headed back from the big city & we grabbed the most amazing breakfast ever!!

Sometimes in the morning i really hate eating. It’s like my body isn’t ready to take anything in. But this morning we headed to the uber cute hide out of Home Sweet Home deep inside the city!! Word’s can not describe how much i love this place!!! The food is delicious & the staff are so welcoming!!! Of course i treated myself to waffles… i couldn’t resist.

Surprisingly today’s weather wasn’t to bad but can you can never be to sure!! So to keep safe i wore a simple black turtle from topman with my super warm topman  cape (Which everyone confuses for a scarf) topped off with some extra padding of my jacket which i grabbed in the Zara sale!! Some times you can’t go wrong with a bit of bargain hunting.

2016 i am thinking to start a YouTube Channel? A lot of you who follow my snapchat seem to want to see more so i guess i might give it a blast!! i just run out of idea’s of what to VLOG!!! Help me guys?!

Anyway have a fab weekend & the big secret will be revealed soon!

Black Friday X River Island



Thank-god it’s finally Friday!! For some reason i feel like this week has gone so slow i am just so glad to get it out of the way!! This morning i thought i would take a stroll through the city!! My god… what a mistake that was … When people say black Friday is crazy… they really are not joking!!

Recently i teamed up with Adam Marc Williams to make some magic!! So i thought why not shoot my latest arrivals from River Island! Over the past few years i have been obsessed with a turtle necks!! i just love them… But this ribbed turtle neck… 100% one of my favs in my closet right now! Even though its very chilly outside i paired it with the super lightweight jacket also from River Island… Not much use against the cold weather but 100%  stylish!!

I really wish today i was diving into all the shopping madness but saving my money for a super exciting project which i can not wait to share with you guys!!

Keep an eye out on my social for something exciting to be announced in the next few weeks!